TASWEEK provides best SMS marketing Solutions in UAE and Middle East that harness the world’s fastest growing communication channel…. one among them being mobile messaging. 

Our focus is to help our clients adapt and prosper in a mobile world. To achieve this, we work to a simple plan, we put Customer Experience above everything else – if the user’s happy, the rest will follow

To make it happen we begin by acknowledging an abiding fact – a company’s most valuable resources are the people that work there, and at , we only hire the best. We’re not a conventional company with a lot of rules and structures, and we don’t intend to become one. Experience tells us that providing talented individuals with a supportive team environment and the tools they need to reach their potential will generate the best results.

Through TASWEEK SMS you can:

·         Send SMS in any language (Multilingual SMS).

·         Send thousands of messages in few seconds.

·         Send long SMS up to 700 Characters.

·         Send SMS with your own Sender ID.

·         Check your Message History

·         Check your Account Details

·         Recharge your Account